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    Care Plus Transitions Referral Enquiry Form

    Care Plus Transitions receives a large volume of referrals each month for the services it provides to young people in Care.

    In response to the high volume of referrals Care Plus Transitions has created an online referral system for Local Authorities which will eliminate clunky paperwork, streamline and speed up the referral process for Young People requiring services.

    Our online referral system will allow Local Authorities to make a referral for a young person in under 10 minutes. If you wish to make a placement referral for your young person, please complete the online Referral Enquiry Form and we will respond to it within 2 hours

    1. Details of person being referred

    2. Who is making the Referral

    If you are unavailable is there someone we can contact in your absence?

    3. Please give the reasons for making their referral

    4. Is the Referral for a specific service

    5. If the Referral isn’t for a specific service, what type of service are you making a Referral to?

    6. How urgent is the Referral?

    Level 1 (Urgent) – for example the person is at risk in their current accommodation, homeless; the person is a delayed discharge from Custody/Secure Unit etc.

    Level 2 (Standard) – for example the person is ready for move on from their current accommodation, their needs have changed but they are not at risk in their current accommodation, they wish to move nearer their family/social network etc.

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